100+ tools for the home & garden

Power over 100 different tools with the same battery. From mowing your lawn, drilling a hole, cutting wood, trimming hedges or polishing your car, the ONE+ System lets you do all of this with only ONE battery.


The ONE+ System is designed to meet all your DIY needs around the house. Whether you need to put up a shelf, you are building your own decking or finally getting round to that bathroom re-decoration.

ONE+ has a tool for you. Whether you need the standard DIY tools like drills or screwdrivers or more specific ones for a big project like a circular saw, trimmer or sander. Down to our very own lifestyle products like inflators, fans, radios and so much more!


ONE+ has you covered in the garden and outdoor areas of your home too! So ONE+ keeps your house and garden in tip top shape.

Once you have finished your DIY, swap your ONE+ battery into a lawnmower to keep your grass trimmed. We have a cordless tool for each area of your garden: hedge trimming, chopping logs, pruning trees, blowers for clearing away leaves, spraying weeds and much more!

How do I join the ONE+ System?

Choose a ready made starter kit

Choose a ready made starter kit

Buy any of our kits that come with tools, batteries & charger all included to start your ONE+ system simply and easily.

Choose a ‘zero’ tool

Choose a ‘zero’ tool

Expand your ONE+ system for less buy buying individual tools and adding additional batteries or chargers if you need them.


Six Battery Sizes. For all your needs

Choose between SIX different battery sizes to suit your working needs. From our largest capacity battery, the 5.0Ah down to our smallest 1.3Ah. Every battery is ONE+ which means it fits any ONE+ tool*.

*Please note some tools demand our biggest battery capacities. 
Power= 18V. Size= 1.3Ah etc. 

The batteries that think for themselves
Our ONE+ batteries are made with IntelliCell technology which means they uniquely manage their own power to deliver optimum performance and runtime for any ONE+ tool and application.

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