36 V MAX POWER Brushless Akku-Mulchmäher, Schnittbreite 51 cm, inkl. 1 x 36 V 4,0 Ah Lithium+ Akku und Ladegerät



  • 51 cm Schnittbreite
  • Leistungsstarker bürstenloser Motor
  • Teleskopierbare Handgriffe
  • Große Hinterräder für eine bessere Manövrierbarkeit


Mehr Zubehör

How long will my tool run for?

Compare our batteries and runtime to find out what’s the best option for you. You can power all tools with batteries within the same battery platform, however, the following are recommended for optimum performance. Please note, runtime may vary based on tool or application.

Cutting 80 mm grass to 40 mm or closest height setting, at average walking pace


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